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Sometimes attorneys hire mental health professionals to help them develop a line of questioning designed to challenge another expert witness’s opinion. The role of the mental health professional who works in this capacity is to educate the attorney about psychological issues he/she might not be familiar with, so that the attorney could advocate more effectively for his/her client. In this capacity, the mental health professional might assist the attorney who hires him/her in a number of ways including:

  • Insuring that the attorney has a clear understanding of key psychological aspects of the case.
  • Assisting the attorney in developing a better understanding of particular methodologies or psychological instruments used in a particular evaluation.
  • Providing the attorney with alternative interpretations of a certain set of data.
  • Developing questions for direct or cross examination (as deemed appropriate.)
  • Educating the attorney about key research bearing on the issues to be addressed by the Court.
  • Educating the attorney (and their clients) about child custody evaluations.

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