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An expert witness is a professional who provides an informed opinion to the Court. An expert witness’s job is to “educate the Court.” An expert witness should provide an objective opinion based on his/her clinical expertise and available research. The expert witness is most effective when he/she functions as an impartial, objective evaluator. Sometimes parties involved in litigation may decide to hire their own expert, often referred to as “hired guns.” In such instances the expert’s credibility might be challenged because of the perceived likely bias.

Elements that render an expert witness more effective are his/her ability to present various concepts and data in a clear, articulate yet succinct manner. The effectiveness of an expert can also be measured along more subtle dimensions such as the expert’s overall demeanor and the ease and confidence he/she projects. Dr. Yohananoff has testified as a highly skilled and effective expert witness in Court on multiple occasions across New York City’s various boroughs, as well as in Westchester and Nassau County.

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