Criminal Matters

Forensic Evaluations in Criminal (and Quasi Criminal) Matters

Forensic evaluations in criminal matters address issues such as the defendant’s competency to stand trial, whether a particular defendant is not guilty of a crime by reason of insanity, or whether there are mitigating circumstances that can be factored in when a defendant is accused of having committed a particular criminal act.

Dr. Yohananoff has developed significant forensic expertise in competency to stand trial evaluations, sentence mitigation, deportation proceedings and juvenile delinquency (typically subsumed under the family law heading, and thus of a quasi criminal nature).  Evaluations of competency to stand trial, sentence mitigation and juvenile delinquencies will be explored in further detail below. 

How are criminal forensic experts selected?

Criminal forensic experts can also be selected by the Court. However, unlike in custody proceedings, the selected expert is not necessarily impartial. It is not uncommon for a particular side (e.g., prosecution, defense) to select its own expert and for the Court to receive multiple and competing reports addressing the same question from different vantage points.

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