Personnel Assessment

Assessment of Law Enforcement Candidates

Dr. Yohananoff has vast experience in the area of personnel assessment in sensitive, law enforcement positions. Typically, these evaluations involve the assessment of candidates for positions such as police or correction officer. These evaluations typically consist of the administration of specific psychological measures and nuanced interviews designed to determine whether a particular candidate is suited for a particular law enforcement position. Dr. Yohananoff has also assisted candidates for law enforcement positions that have been disqualified by the Civil Commission and want to appeal the decision.

Assessment of Work Fitness

Dr. Yohananoff has also conducted evaluations of employees in which concerns about the impact of mental health issues on the work place have been of paramount importance. These fitness-to-work-evaluations are often designed to determine how specific mental health issues might affect someone’s work performance, his/her ability to get along with co-workers and/or supervisors and what step(s), if any, could be taken to ameliorate these issues.

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